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Daimon Barber

Visual Identity, Packaging design

When we first started working with London-based Daimon Barber, they were a small company with big dreams. They wanted to take on the big boys of the cosmetics industry, but they knew they needed a strong visual identity to match the quality of their products.

The types of retailers they wanted to work with, such as Harvey Nichols, Flannels, Fortnum & Mason, and Selfridges, demanded the highest level of branding and packaging. So we worked with Daimon Barber to create a brand and brand guidelines that would meet their needs. These guidelines were then rolled out to everything from brochures and window displays to packaging and advertising.

In addition to working on the aesthetic side, we also helped Daimon Barber to ensure that their multilingual packaging met legal requirements in numerous countries.

Today, Daimon Barber is stocked in the most prestigious retailers around the world, including their original target list. They are also used by stars on the Hollywood red carpet. We are proud to have been part of their journey.

Daimon Barber is continuing to expand, now with a flagship store in Stratford-upon-Avon.

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