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Brand identity

Chicago-based recruitment firm Engtal approached us because they felt that their brand and marketing materials were outdated and not appealing to their target audience. We could have simply modernised their materials, but we wanted to do more than that. We wanted to understand what Engtal was really about, what made them different, and what they wanted to achieve.

In our early meetings, we learned that Engtal's materials made them look like a completely different kind of company. They had traditionally served the engineering sector, and they believed that it made sense for them to look like an engineering firm. However, we realised that Engtal's focus should be on people and the personal relationships between all parties involved. The fact that they were in the engineering space was secondary, and it could potentially restrict them if they wanted to move into other sectors.

The new branding and visual identity reflects this shift in focus. Instead of looking like a modern engineering firm, Engtal now looks like a modern recruitment firm. This is exactly what they are, and it is a more accurate representation of their values and mission.

Engtal has now diversified into biosciences recruitment with the launch of Biotal. The new brand is a recolored version of the Engtal brand, which would not have been possible with the original engineering-themed brand. The decision to recolor the brand was made because Engtal wanted to maintain its focus on people and relationships, even as it expanded into new sectors.

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