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Editorial design, Print design

NARC magazine is a project that’s been close to our hearts for many years. We are proud to produce a magazine that has become a vital and well-respected source of information about music and culture in the North East.

With tight deadlines, we need to be highly organised and efficient in order to produce each issue on time and on budget. However, we also need to maintain the high level of vibrancy and creativity that is essential for a magazine of this type.

Our continued work for NARC magazine has led to various spin-offs, including the promotion of NARC Fest and NARC TV. We are delighted to be a part of these projects, which have helped to further NARC's reach and impact.

NARC's visual identity has been shaped by El Roboto's expertise and design vision. Their impeccable attention to detail is an invaluable asset when it comes to fast turnaround publishing and they always have creative ideas for our next project. 

Claire Dupree

Founder & Editor, NARC Magazine

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