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NewcastleGateshead Initiative

Editorial design

It is always nice to work on a project that you see frequently in the wild. This is one of the reasons why NewcastleGateshead Initiative's pocket guide is such a good project. (Another reason is that we get to work with thoroughly excellent people.)

We have worked with NGI for a number of years and have created a number of editions of this document, which is a listings guide for the various things on offer in the region. We have also created a number of spinoff documents related to it, such as family-specific guides and guides to the rural area.

The document is very content-heavy, and we pride ourselves on taking documents of this kind and making them engaging, clear, and easy for the user to interact with. We created a visual identity system that made the content easy to work with and could be presented in a consistent, practical way.

The pocket guide also has a print run in the high hundreds of thousands, so we are also grateful to be trusted to set up a document of such importance.

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